I gather pictures of inspiring amigurumi and I post it here for my lovely followers to view. I do not own these photos unless otherwise stated. I post most of them from flickr so there should be a link. If you are searching for patterns or ideas please join ravelry.com

Amigurumi Freak
Lion Amigurumi Version 3 by adorablykawaii •ᴥ• on Flickr.
Charmander by εïз Chanty εïз on Flickr.
Amigurumi dinosaur by Historicaljunky on Flickr.
Amigurumi ‘Ballerina Bunny’ by Historicaljunky on Flickr.
Amigurumi snake by Historicaljunky on Flickr.
dragons and platypuses - by Sharon, Dawn, Sharon, Daphne and Dawn by laughingpurplegoldfish on Flickr.
Konijn by hANdgemaakt on Flickr.
Eduardo the swim boy by Puffy Muffins on Flickr.
Giraffe and balloons by Jaravee on Flickr.
Amigurumi Yoshi on Flickr.