I gather pictures of inspiring amigurumi and I post it here for my lovely followers to view. I do not own these photos unless otherwise stated. I post most of them from flickr so there should be a link. If you are searching for patterns or ideas please join ravelry.com

Amigurumi Freak
leaf bearlet by berrysprite on Flickr.
chickens by berrysprite on Flickr.
DSC00598 by saplanet originals™ on Flickr.
Dranos6 by saplanet originals™ on Flickr.
Hot Air Balloon Amigurumi by Jaravee on Flickr.
Jubu by Ami Cafe’ on Flickr.
Rainbow Unicorn by Syppah on Flickr.
Latest creatures :) by kokopenguin on Flickr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jelly Fish by Jaravee on Flickr.
Mimi, an amigurumi kokeshi doll by dustymom on Flickr.