I gather pictures of inspiring amigurumi and I post it here for my lovely followers to view. I do not own these photos unless otherwise stated. I post most of them from flickr so there should be a link.
Amigurumi Freak
the whole gang by callie callie jump jump on Flickr.
Lion Amigurumi Version 3 by adorablykawaii •ᴥ• on Flickr.
White Bunny by Lue & Sue on Flickr.
whale bag by Ana Paula Rimoli on Flickr.
anpanman7 by Jaravee on Flickr.
Rugbista by AmiRomi on Flickr.
Lisa the Fox by Pepika on Flickr.
pilgrim-monkey-amigurumi-16 by janama315 on Flickr.
Berth & Ernie (Edi ile Büdü) by turuncupelush on Flickr.
Finn from Adventure Time by Lucyravenscar (Angry Angel) on Flickr.